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Today has seen an explosive rise in the Crypto Currency Market !!!

Posted by themonk  full address ~12 days ago

Today has seen an explosive rise in the Crypto Currency Market as the total Market Capital for the Market punches through $121 billion.

BITCOIN has been no exception, witnessing a breakout to an all time high.

Currently trading at $3,463 and with a Market Capital of approx $57.1 billion, BITCOIN is once again leading the charge.

This breakout in BITCOIN should come as no great surprise and simply reaffirms that the Rigged and Fraudulent Global Financial System built on: lies, deceit, manipulation and fraud is BROKEN..!!

Anyone who thinks that the problems of 2008 were fixed are sadly mistaken and are in for a nasty shock.

BITCOIN has been ringing Alarm Bells throughout the Global Financial System since triggering a BULLISH Buy Alert on 13th December 2015 and those that have chosen to ignore the warning signals have done so with complacency.

I guess some people are still clinging on to the hope that the story they are being fed is true when in reality the fraudulent garbage and vomiting diarrhoea that is coming out in the form of the Mainstream Narrative has become embarrassing beyond belief, with the real truth expected to hit the shores like a tsunami without warning.

While we wait for this tsunami of truth we will continue to monitor the technicals of the Crypto Currencies and above is a snapshot of a selection already shared.

Thanks for reading.




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